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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  June 19, 2012 12:30am-1:05am EDT

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we talked about this. [meow!] [meow!] bundling and saving. now, that's progressive. play rocket cat adventures at the fight over very
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expensive phones at baltimore &pcityyhall. the city comptroller is ssepping up her allegattons. hello... i'm jenniier gilbert.more static high-tech telephones for cityy- accusing the mayor of wasting taxpayer's money... breaking the law... anddthen trying to support.mellnda roeddr is live from city hall... with new information on big
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controversy that you saw first pon fox.. melinda? melinda? it's a spaa that began last take over control of the city's phone system.she claims it's cheeper to operate it all in-house... ather than rely on an outside company.but the mayor's plan requires some big switchers nd data shees being called oot for the priceettg. the comptroller accuses the mayor of spending more than 650-thousand ollars on roughly 80 telephones. the mayorrs office sayssit's more like 21-thousand. it seems the big differennc in those figures really comes down to the computer equipment and other echnology needed to support those phones.the comptroller is also accusing the mayor of breaking the law because the purchase wasn't properlyybid to commanies. instead, ittwas attached to an existing contrrct with a company that's been doing business with he city for years.the mayor's office ssys she has the righttto do that. then whh would the mayor allegedly offer a bribe to the compttoller for her support in this whole deal?joan pratt claims the mayor offered o
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put more money into her budget - enoughhto ireetwo new staffers. offcourse, the misunddrstanding.sit all a
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investigation from city hall... melinda roeder... fox 45 news - late edition. city ealth officials... want to strip... the liquor licenses... of... more than hundded corner stores in ballim. baltimore. the majority are neighborhoods....// researchers found... the establishments contribute to higher levels of viooenttcrime. the health department decided to take actiin fter hearing concerns from community groops looking for ways to improve theirr neighborhoods. 10:24:11 through the zoning code these bbsinesses can choose to ontinue ooeratingg pbt not sell alcohol they can choose tt move to a differret looation where they can sell alcohol or ii thee want to make other decisions it is up to them 10:24:25 10:24:25 there will likely be a ear's worth of reviews and public hearings before any changes are made. here's... our... question offthe ddy.../. you agree... with the plan... to revoke ...dozens of piquor licenses... inn baltimore city? city? a lot of resppnse on this question and maay of you
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are not convinced its a good idea. go to foxx baltimore dot com .../ tell us what you think./. sound off thru facebook../. send s a tweet./ or text your answer to 45-- 203../ enter fox45a for yes../ foo45b por no.../ a amily is pleading to &pfind aafew precious items stolen from the famiiy's home. a thief took money and . memmries... it happened at this house on somerset drive nearrmcmagan prive in pasadena. meisha jeanine says someone shattered a downstaars window then walked intooher brother's bedroom.. that's wwere they found a small black and grey safe similar to ttis one.. filled wiih jeanine's parents' wedding and valuables. but jeanine letterr, that her mooher gave to her children, just before phe died suddeely of cancer lass yearr that matter most. (jeanine) "them ttkinn this away from us, ripped another pi one of the very last this moments and memories and very special things that our mother did for us, that we no longer h" have." if you have any
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information about this crime.. detectivvs say call anne arundel county police. the... man... suspected in the disappparaace... of a maryland woman... is... trying to behalf. ary giordano... is... suing... american express... for 3.5... million ddllars.... p under a policy... purchased efore he and robyn trip... to arubb..../ giordano.. says... gardnnr presumed dead... and... americcn exrpess should pay the full death... beeefit...//. &pthe... company... says... when someene's.... presumed dead.../ a ...claim... is ánotá evaluated... until 65 days after the incident..../ its... been ... less than... 10 months ince ggrnder disappeared..../ giordann .. claims gardner drowned ..while the two were snorkeling. baltimore's outgoing police commissioner continued his farrwells today. today."you're going to be missed...i can only compare you to brooks robinson when he try and find someone to play third base..." frrd bealefeld recieved a lot of praise at city hall each member of ciiy council praised the commmssioner for his crimm fighting effort...
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and he left the council 3hambers to a standing ovation.- baa day for piis and turkeys... it's... not... flks....innone - illinoii town... are having a ball... at... theii own feetival..;../ yes.... we're talking... about deep fried... pork testicles. testicles.the... own-wide eeent ... was held on saturday...// celebbates the delicacy... which began... in... 2003.../ it... originated among farmerr ...who served upp.. the deep fried reat.. to guests ... at... a... local bar...//now .. the popular festival is back- 13-22"they ttste just like a - pork tenderloin.. it doesn't than some other piece of the pork thattyou eat, it doesn't &preally taste that mmch differ" different."59-110"it use to be inside the bar..the locaa farmees would get tooether afttr ttey harvesttd testicles and they woold come up here and fry them up as sort of a thhnk you tooall the patrons at the bar." bar."the sportsman's club was ready to fry and
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sevenny pounds of pork testicles.... and sixty pounds ... of turkey &ptesticles.../ . great day foo... sunnay... was the seventhhannual loews coronado surf doo competittoo.../ the canines... took to the waves in san diego -- and helped the event break three guinness world records! p the competition drew more than áfiftyá surf dog competitors... and thousands of spectators from across the country. 3 3 3
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war was declared on great britain 200 yeaas ago today.... and 'sailabration' ffstivities lured the crowds to oot mchenry..... thousands packed into the national pprk. dignitaries including the ambassadors of englanddand canada. they signed a symbolic peacc treaty. while hh fight over ree traae prompted.... in part....the waa of 1812, there were also other factors (vince)"some say thought it was a bid to take over canada there were some who wanted to take over canada.. and we did invaae caaada duuing the wwr 1812..toddys celebration was &pcalled from enemies to allies.... and was a celebration of tte united stttes relationship now with great britain. 3 and tonight in dundalk...another commemoration of the bicentennial of the war of 18- 12.thee"dunddlk patapsco neck historical ssciety" opeeed its battle of north point exhibit. the battle waa key in dellying the british advance on &pbaatimore in 18-14...
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3 more people take the stand ii the sandusky trial the ágoodá things these witnesses said about the accused pedophile. he was tte victim oo a riots.why his death years later... has led to an and all animals are cute in ttere own way....but find put the awards these animals are getting for the being thh world's most áugliestá doos. are getting for the being thh world's[ female announcer ]. women are strong.
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♪ any day can have a magnum mini moment. magnum ice cream, now in a mini size. new magnum mini. the defense called its first witnesses in the trial of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandussy. stand to defend the character of heeman accused of sexxaaly abusing ten young oys. but as ddvid lee miller was also one prosecution..frommthe prosecuti- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- ----------------------- the ddfense trying to exonerate accused pedophile jerry andusky by calling to the stand ácharacter wwtnesses.á sandusky faces 51 counts involving 10
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alleged victims... a longtime frienddof sandusky football coach had (quote) 'a great reeutation.' explainingg ddmanding hours as a penn state coach wouldn't leave much time foo sociilizing.. sandusky has admittee to showering and (quote) 'horsing around' with kids. two coaches, teetifying monday that -- in sports -- it's not uncommon to 'shooer with children.'kline says: "would someplaceeinto the shower you naked with you and then bear hug him? anddthe answwe there was no." tte last prosecution witness -- the mothee of victim number nine, who said he was raped bb sandusky. crying onnthe hang out with the defendant. - the boy's mother remembering a possible sign jurors (quote)(fs) "i always - wondered why he never had any despite sandusky's attorney telling the jury at the start of this trial they would hear from the defendaat, it is still not nown if hh willl testify.(mmller on cam tag) theejudge said today e expects jury deliberatiins to
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begin onnfriday. once they get underway, the jury will be pennsylvania, david leee miller, fox news. 3 officials... are... pwaiting autopsy... pwaiesults... after.. rodney kingg.. was found dead in his swimmmng pool. a... spokesperssn ...for the sheriffssdepartment... says... the cause of death ...willlnot be made... until investigators... receive the results, ... hich will likelyytake... 6 to 8 founddking ... at the bottom of his swimmmiggpool sunday morningg.../ the... 47-year-old... became severely ...beaten by los angeles police in 1991...//. pte.... acquittal and mistrial... of the officers... isswhat sparked the los angeles riotss the... largest wildfire n colorado history... continues to destroy... moreehomes, businesses,... and lann....// the... fire... ate away... annther 15-hundred acres... since yesterday... total... to more than 58- thousand acres so far..../fire crews ... are noo asking folks near colorado springs... to...
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fires... in that area..../in.. fort collins... folks... who were... told to go home ... are... now being ordeeed to re-evacuatee 3 3 3
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bacteria in hotels... the surprising places that its showing uu. and two world leaders... the
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unspoken signs they mayynot be getting alonn. good morning. i don't want people to do things for me, you know. i try to do them myself. i don't want no one to look down on me. i was on a way from kandahar to qalat. i hit an i-e-d that just took the truck and threw it up in the air and slammed it on the ground. bye, bye. i knew at first that i got hurt pretty bad cause i couldn't move my legs. i sat home alone for months. i didn't want that anymore. i wanted to go back to work. hello - it's him. i was hesitant at first, you know because i didn't work for a good year. i want to be a productive person. i don't want to be a drain on society.
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i want to be a positive thing in society. p-v-a helped me write my resume. got me a job interview. let me show you to your office. i got the job. [male narrator] helping veterans like eric is what we've done for over 65 years. paralyzed veterans of america. paving access for veterans employment through operation: pave. toyota's...
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fire probe... expands... to... 1.5--millioo ca. caas.600---thousand .. toyota cammys ... and... sooe oo its s-u-v's... are now... on the list./.. thee.. gov't.. says... power window switches.. on... the driver's side doors... can... catch fire.../.other... toyotas... affected,...// pertain... camrys ...from 20--08... to... 20--09... / 2007... to... 2009... sub-compacts../ . and... all... 2008... highlander hybrid's...///.so far,.../ the problem ...has caused ...more than... 1600--fires. 3 common sense would tell you the toilet is theedirtiess place inna hotel's just aa dirty. somebody tookkth time to collect samples ffom nineteen surfaces in hree hotel rooms in three states.t-v remotes anddbedside lamp switches were
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pight up there with toilets and athroom sinks in terms of having the highest levels of obama administrrtion officials downplaying nntions of a cold relationship with russian &ppresident vladimir putin. but the bodd language at the g-20 summit.there seemed to be a lot of distance......andd definitely no eye contact as they appeared together beffre reporters.but the u-s don't read too much into it. mcfaul says, "i thought tte chemistry was very businessllkee cordial. the actual meeting, i know the body language stufff,i've been in a lot of meetings with putin, i'veewatched a lottof video of him, there was nothing exttaordinary, that's anything into thht at all."d - all." maybe they were just tired.
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3 all dogs are adorable.......oo are thhy?the contest where its good to be ugly. ♪
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behind the wheel, there is no such thing as a small distraction. a public service reminder from the american academy of orthopaedic surgeons, who would rather help keep your bones strong than put them back together. speak out against distracted driving at you know there was a time when people like me couldn't live here because of their race or the color of their skin. i'll never forget how i felt being told i wasn't welcome in this neighborhood, that this apartment was for whites only. that got better over time, but some people still didn't get equal treatment when it came to finding a home. no, there's no apartment here for you .
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well i own this building now, the fair housing act made a difference for someone like me. it gives us the opportunity to live in communities of our choice, free from discrimination. the fair housing act makes it illegal to discriminate in the renting or selling of a home because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or disability. know your rights, if you believe you have experienced housing discrimination, contact hud. itssaa honor to get the awarr
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for world's prettiest...but what about the world's ugliest. weel in california one dog show is putting a little twist on things. the san francisco s-p---a held a conttst for the world's áugliestá dogs. and two contenders........ámuglyá from the united kingdom and áickyá from sacramento duked it out to see who's the ugliest of them all. "it's really for people who &plove ddgs and who have a sense of humor, so if you don't have both those things, you're probably nnt going to enjoy the contest." contest." although thh contest is all in wantssto raise awareness for pptential dog owners....saying ttat áallá dogs need a good home, not just the cute ones. 3
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3 the orioles are involved in their 3rd strright shutout... but were they on the wrong end of it???...find out next inn sports unlimited... sports unlimited... & ♪explosion i love telling big stories about big heroes: people we admire and look up to. but, at the end of the day, real life is better than any story. our service men and women are the real heroes. every day they make the sacrifices for their country; for my country;
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for my son's country. my dad was a marine and a navy historian. he was the first one to show me just how much these men and women give up. they leave their families and their homes. they train, they fight, they struggle for us, and so much of the time it goes unnoticed and un-thanked. and that is what i love so much about the uso. it gives us real ways to support our real heroes. the uso lifts the spirits of america's troops and their families, and there is a way we can say thanks. you can go to and make a real difference in their lives today. do it. i served in the united states air force. i served a total of 16 years. i was deployed 13 times. on my second deployment four bombs hit my vehicle. and at 19 years old, that was the first time i ever saw somebody die. coming back, i was raging.
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i started having pretty horrible nightmares. i would wake up in middle of the night sweats. i started drinking a lot. i felt worthless. i guess i never recognized it in myself. eventually, one day i just walked into the va hospital and said i'd like to see somebody. don't suffer alone. you've got to find that link with somebody that will make you let it go. it all starts with going to the va. there's a whole community of veterans that just want to help you out. it's for the guys who couldn't come back, you owe it to them to live well. because they're not here with their families. that it for us, thanks for watc.
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watching. now here's bruce cunningham with sports unlimited. the orioles wwnt into new york on a roll tonight...they took 3 of 4 from the bravess..and 7 roll was haated...and rathee rudely..tonight as the hootest pitcher in baseballlshowed why he's been almost unhittable lat. lately... jake arrieta looking to build off his last outting...bottom of thh 6th....o score...bases loaded andd2 outs...ike davis batting bblow know what that means...he's duee.. take a 4-0 lead....r-a dickey was masterfull for the mets... the knuckleball working very of tte 7th...matt
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hour the 8th... steve pearce chases the johnson watches strike three on the outside corner.... dickey comes out for the 9th in search of his 2nd ssraight one-hit complete game &pshutout....paints the corner on jj hardy forrthe 2nd out.... he finishes what he started... punches ut chris davis to endd &pthe gaae...13 strikeouts and &ponnl one hit...his 2nd straighttone-hit complete game shutout...he's thrrwn 42 and 22 thirds scoreless innings... mets blank the o's to take game one 5-0...buck dickey's performance???... before the grand slam jake arrieta was matching
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dickey's erformance...givvs up 4 runs ii 7 innings... dickey is the first pitcher since 19-88 to record back-to- back one-hitters...he also won't get much easier for the o's tomorrow... aaard wwnner johan santana... late today, a ury inn washington acqqitted roger clemenssof all 6 counts in his trial for allegedly lling to congress...this after 10 hours oif deliberation ...clemens counts..this was clemens seccnd trial on federal charges of lying ii 2008 to a congressional committee that one ended in a mistrial.. meanwhile, in owingg mills... things have quieted down after last week's minicamp...and will remain so foo about anothee five weeks, when training camp gets underway... underway... ...coming out of the ota's and minicamp, the ravens are feeling slightly better about their outside linebacker situatiin...their top draft pick, courtney upshaw f alabama, apparentlky opened a lottof eyes...the ravens like
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his versatility, and the rate at which he's picking up the nfl way of doing hings...and the man he'll have to replace, at least temporarily, sounds imprrssed as well.... that''l do it for


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